How To Use

Desktop & Laptop

Fill out the Subscription Page and press the Submit Button. A “File Download” – Security Warning’ Dialog Box Will Pop Up. Click the ‘Run’ Button. Your screen will turn white and then black. Then a login box will appear. Enter your email and password that you used to Register with XcitMe TV Networks. (The service will start and the screen will be black for a moment and then the currently running program will show in Full Screen mode). You can change channels by Pressing the ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ Arrow Keys. *The ‘LEFT’ Arrow Key takes you to the Previous Channel.

left arrow

*The ‘right’ arrow key takes you to the next channel.

right arrow

(*You can go directly to a channel by typing in the channel’s number and pressing enter) You can view the information bar – (Current Channel, Now Showing – Playing Next, Time) by Pressing the ‘DOWN’ Arrow Key. To hide the information bar, Press the ‘UP’ Arrow Key. To EXIT XcitMe TV Networks Press Esc (Escape Key)


A pop up box will appear: Tap install

android popup

Tap OPEN to enter the APP *If your app does not open go to your Home Screen and Tap the XcitMe TV Icon to re-open the App. Swipe the screen from the LEFT to RIGHT to view the Channel Listings Box and begin browsing channels


You can also Swipe from RIGHT to LEFT to CHANGE Channels To EXIT swipe Screen From TOP to BOTTOM and Tap on EXIT

Apple Products

Apple in the download here section A Pop Up Box will appear as follows:


Tap OK, then Tap the ARROW on your screen: A Pop Up Box will appear – Tap the option to “Add To HomeScreen” A Screen Showing the XcitMe TV Name and Icon will appear (TAP IN in the top right corner) Tap the XcitMe TV icon on your Home Screen. Once the application opens tap the Play arrow:


Slide the Channel Listings Box from the LEFT Side of the Screen or use the White Arrows to browse Channels. Tap DONE to Close Out your current Channel and repeat step 9. To EXIT the Application Tap the Home Button on all Apple Devices.